Greiner Bio-One North America

Our Company

We care deeply about our products and the service we provide to customers. Our customers are small research laboratories at Universities and start-up companies, the world's largest Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology corporations and all spectrums of the healthcare system where a patient's blood specimen is taken, processed, transported, analyzed, and stored.

Located in Monroe, North Carolina, we provide product manufacturing, distribution logistics and product application support to our customers in Life Science and Clinical Laboratories through our BioScience and Preanalytic business units.

Our Environmental Responsibility

In 2011, Greiner Bio-One became a Green Certified Company by the Green Business Bureau for its efforts in sustainability. These efforts include energy efficient building materials for expansion of manufacturing facilities, addition of green space, and the adoption of policies that increase recycling efforts and decrease waste. These policies are a direct result of the Green Committee, whose sole purpose is to think of new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Click here to learn more about the sustainable efforts of Greiner Bio-One North America.