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    Our point is to change the thinking about your cost for needlestick safety.

    Demonstrated in a multi-center sharp-safety study, the use of passive safety-engineered devices, with an automatic safety feature, provide the best protection against needlestick injuries1.

    The cost of a needlestick injury in your facility originates from the risk of a safety shield not properly deployed after a sharp-device is used.

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    1. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology April 2010, Vol. 31, No. 4 Click Here

    Making blood collection safe, easy, and more productive for Healthcare professionals.

    Our focus is to provide you with the best products, support and information to help you avoid problems when collecting and processing your patients’ blood specimen. 

    Best Phlebotomy Practices is information for your day-to-day blood drawing responsibilities. Containing information on the basic steps and actions to provide a quality specimen for sample analysis, the poster-size chart is a handy tool for use in your laboratory and support facilities. Click Here to make your request and simply type the word “Poster” in the comment section.



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